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Landlord Informations

Contact :london A

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The flat

The extras of the accomodation

- Fitted kitchen - Coffee Maker - Internet

Apartment description

City : Axminster, United kingdom

Type : House

Available from : 03/04/2012

Rent : 698€ /Month (163€ /Week)

Size : 20 m²

Available bedroom(s) : 2

Number of rooms : 2

Bathrooms : 1

Furnished accomodation : Yes

Double room for young professional, working 9am to 5pm, crossharbour 10 minutes walk from Canary wharf

We are looking for someone nice that could move in and be happy. we run a business here and in reality we work from 9/10 am to 5/6pm. So if your work schedule is similar, call me

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